a green gem
for the adventurous

no other kite cruises go to this off the beaten path paradise

circumnavigate the island

a unique trip to see it all


tripping tobago with a kitesurf cruise 

You may not believe you are actually here... We circumnavigate this totally unique island, like a gem that must reveal itself to us in all its facets. White sandy beaches with turquoise water - all to yourself for endless kitesurfing sessions. Hidden coves and inlets, wind-swept cliffs, and inland: the deep jungle of the oldest protected rain forest in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the ultimate trip if you want to experience what it is like to explore the world by sail and look for kite spots no one may have ever found before. 


Opportunities to take this trip for the coming season are between March 28 and August 31, 2020. Inquire for rates and further info.