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KITEboardING IN THE Spanish, US, AND British VI


fabled islands

made to explore by catamaran

SPANISH VIRGIN ISLANDS The lesser known Spanish Virgin Islands of Culebra and its little sister, Culebrita, are perhaps our favorite kiteboarding destination in the area. You will have the kite spots entirely to yourself, and can change over from flat water to waves in an instant. 

US VIRGIN ISLANDS St Thomas offers a few good kite spots, though St Croix, a more laid back island with a foodie culture, is where you find scenic long beaches protected by wide lagoons. Join a few locals here that have discovered kitesurfing. 

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Made famous by the famous - these are the stomping grounds of charter boats doing a Caribbean cruise. We have plenty of space to kite in between the sails, from Necker to the deserted, beautiful beaches of Anegada. Infamous drinking holes en route. 



WITH PICK UP POSSIBLE FROM EITHER ST THOMAS (USVI), ST CROIX (USVI), OR TORTOLA (BVI), itineraries vary according to your wishes and preferences for sailing and kite conditions. We may do a round trip and pick up and return from the same port, or we start and finish in different places. Lots of options for your ideal trip.


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ST THOMAS offers many connections from main land USA. From here we sail to beautiful St Croix for its wide kite beaches. Go back from St. Croix, or make a loop to Culebrita in the Spanish VI, to end the trip in St. Thomas again. Or sail from St. Thomas straight to the BVI. Option to fly back from Tortola.

TORTOLA is a good departure option for a BVI only trip, and for having shorter sails and longer kite days. It is closest to Virgin Gorda's North Sound (Necker and Eustatia islands) and to Anegada, where we will spend most of our time.

ST CROIX is the biggest island and somewhat out of the way. Starting here gives you immediate access to some of the best, and often deserted, kite beaches of the whole VI. The old Danish architecture is well preserved in the quaint and lively towns. An agricultural island, the food here is delicious and so is the rum. From here Culebrita is a good option to add to your trip.

CULEBRITA and Culebra are 2 islands of the Spanish VI, West of St. Thomas and St. Croix. These islands offer kite spots all to yourself, sandy beach launches, stunning scenery, and a ridiculous variety of kite conditions in a very small area: flat water, kickers, and good waves. 

TIP: Our favourite Virgin Island trip is a little circle between St. Thomas, St. Croix, and Culebrita & Culebra. 

when to go

march to August

We visit the islands between March and August in 2020, when the winds are at their most reliable and the peak tourist season is behind us. June and July are the best windy months. The season ends mid August, when it's time for us to head back South again. 


intermediate to advanced

Beginners have the option to take a few lessons during the trip when we are near Anegada (BVI), Tortola (BVI), or St. Croix (USVI). However, most of the time beginners will not be able to take lessons (lessons are required on the kite cruise if you are not yet riding upwind). Hence, we strongly recommend either taking a full course before joining a kite cruise and/or being an independent rider by the time you step on board.. Launching spots are challenging on St. Thomas and in the BVI. 

how to get there

st thomas   st croix   tortola

There are plenty connections between the islands and the rest of the world. St. Thomas (airport code STT) has flights daily from Puerto Rico and mainland US, and good ferry connections to the BVI. Tortola (airport code EIS) has connections from the US and Europe. St. Croix (airport code STX) has several connections from the US and from Denmark. It is easily reached by sea plane from St. Thomas (a ferry takes 2 hours). 

wind conditions

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